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good story fo think .... Date: Oct 26th @ 4:26pm EDT
Recently in a conversation on a familiar phrase has sounded: "No, well, it's different things that go with the Huskies down the street and go to the mongrel ..."

Well, we're not a dog, right? We hope that someone will love us for life, although there is no ... we do not expect, we demand that our love for the soul. It looks sketchy and often false.

It would be nice if we are friends to buy at the shows? Viewed what their leg length and eye color ... you, a man, too, would have stood in the window as a commodity. And you would have wondered ... "Why not take me as a friend? I'm good !!" And you would have answered: "I'm sorry, your hair color is banal, gray eyes, and crooked legs ..." you're not fit to friends ...

Appearance and clings like dog is not the most brilliant representative of chetverolapyh. His rough coat, brown color ... but this humane animal you will not find in the afternoon with fire. He does not know that there are some "interesting" Husky ... He loves you, man ...

But he was not sorry to euthanize or poison, he's cheap. It is generally free gray dog.

Now look in the mirror, a cheap person, and having concluded that beauty contests and talent is also clearly not yours, say thank you for the fact that there are people who love you. For the soul, as you want.
Heavenly injustice! Date: Mar 27th @ 4:55am EDT
Heavenly injustice! I would like to talk about it! strange situation! world is ruled by good and evil! God made the world what it means that evil was created just once, or it somehow does not apply to God! and if it was created, then why! an interesting question! in all of our lives are given to those people who are not a good life, steal, rob, cheat, they live in prosperity, live and in what does not deny. and even if something happens with health, then they can not afford any doctors! I'm not saying that they can recover from it all, but the chances of life or the continuation of life in them anymore. their offspring can afford to study at the best universities in the world! and in the same time people are more gifted estmalenkie than they are, but they do not have the money to them some of the best teachers in the world helped to get this education! I think it's not fair, if you look all stand side that the world was created by God! Why are born offspring with serious illnesses! how come they have not even had time to sin and then got this! how so !? it does not fit in my head. maybe something I do not understand, and can someone help me and explain everything! I would like to understand how the same way you must go! maybe we just toys in someone's hands! OR programmed Robat! Why would someone born at once to live a life without denying yourself there is nothing, but someone once born deprived servant and view! It's not fair, it should be otherwise
small moments of joy Date: Mar 26th @ 2:03am EDT
I can only expect that everyone has some kind of cases or events that bring us a little joy)) for example I have here are the small pleasures in life, when working in the bar and the time is now coming to a close, but the restaurant is the last client, and you can not even imagine how long it will delay! you all brought him, he sits talking, eating, smoking, and you're waiting for when it will end, has already passed an hour, the time of day - night and you know the sooner he goes faster you get home and go to bed! and that's when you do not expect, the client requests the bill. Here it is the moment of joy, a little happiness, now that you know the time of your dream now depends on you)) and you're going to, brings the bill, the customer leaves, you're behind him removed and leaves.)) Or another moment of joy! I once lived with his aunt and uncle in a studio apartment. they did not like going to bed early, and at the time when I went to bed their life had just begun, it's watching TV, playing on the computer, cooking and many other things that normal people do during the day) and all of these sounds, the light from the TV, steps I could not get to sleep, anxiety in the inside I was becoming stronger and stronger by the fact that in my head spinning figures on how much I have left to sleep. I rolled over from one side to the other, covered his head odeflom, but could not sleep. and that's the time when they were already in bed and just watched TV, and you hear that the TV is turned off, and here again it is this very moment, a little joy! and these moments can be very much, we just do not even realize that they are present in our lives! I would like to hear about your little moments of joy
need change Date: Mar 24th @ 3:19am EDT
really interesting, we all complain about your life, someone says that his salary is small, someone evil boss, some have not bought a new phone or computer! and so you can transfer indefinitely. we do not even try to think about that there are many people who have a life worse than ours many times! someone already born with developmental disabilities, someone has no arms or legs, some can not even hear and see! they can not touch a lot of wonderful things to run on the sand and water! can not see the beauty of this planet !, hear the birds singing, and many famous music composers x! You can also look at the Russian pensioners who receive very small pensions and continue to live), you need to try to see the good in everything that surrounds us, to notice the smallest details, to help other people who all is not as well as we do, to bring smiles! just smile! If only it were that simple, but immersed in the cares and troubles! less and less possible to meet smiling people! they became gray and ugyumye! I do not know what happen is that this trend has changed. Nick does not want to assist, pity no more
changes in life Date: Mar 23rd @ 1:56am EDT
Sometimes I start to think about how to change my interests and opinions about certain things! it is clear, I'm an adult, interests change, I have a friend and outlook on life! Take the case of football, I started watching football still a schoolboy, when he lived in the village! I waited for him all week, one hour before the start preparing for viewing, bought lemonade and chips, the entire match sincerely worried about the team! when the broadcast was not on TV, I listened to the radio (internet at that time in the village was not). After the match, I have discussed this week event at school with friends, we were talking about football players, referees! I bought scarves favorite team. it just has not changed after I moved to the city and began to study in college. sometimes had grand plans to travel to another country for your favorite team! I did not miss a single game. probably because it was so, because my environment consistent with this situation, all just as I loved football. but in the future I noticed that my interest fades away! I am less worried about this event! I started to miss a lot of games, watched only the final score! at the moment of my life, I almost do not watch football, but some special matches, but still read the news about his team on the internet! I attribute this to the fact that my circle of friends has changed, almost all of my surroundings, not addicted to it, we are doing so that we are trying to change their lives for the better! but we forget about such trifles and joys of life as a football! what I wrote this article, do not forget about their hobbies, it's great to do what you love!
Photos Date: Mar 22nd @ 3:36am EDT
Went to a very interesting trend (for me, I do not quite understand) people began fotogrfirovat all they do, see, eat, sniff! for me it is strange! I do not like to take pictures! I still watch them do not often! but people go crazy on it! For example, the first astronaut, who was just going to fly to komos made only 5 fotgrafy! Modern people are doing the same 100 photos in the toilet of a restaurant or cafe! after they had all eaten at this restaurant they photographed what came out of them in the toilet, ie shit. horror! They post these photos on the Internet, eager to gain a lot of lyuibiteley photo. it's a little shocking to me! just went to the new fashion to do a photo with him at the funeral! it infuriates me even! where the roll is the world! I do not even know that you can write about it yet! probably you all understand what I wrote this. I probably just not nice to look at all these photos! others will say, if you do not like it, then do not look, but it's not so easy to make, these photos anywhere. every day I find hundreds of mindless, not krasivyyh would like to see really beautiful photos! maybe one day it will be so!
good morrning Date: Mar 15th @ 3:51am EDT
Good morning my dear readers ...Give we shall meet Give we shall meet *Give we shall meet the heading at the electronic letter received by me today was such. Having reflected, I have marked it and have opened. In process of reading my eyes swung open more widely and heart started to fight so, that it is a little more and it will jump out of a breast.
" Give we shall meet - whether simple words a lie, but whether the boldness will suffice at you to come? I have sent you instructions as will prepare for a meeting and in what to put on. I liked your letter, and apparently you passionately thirst for meetings, we shall check up it... I am raised I think of your body, except for that in my opinion - playing sports should make your legs harmonous... Give we shall meet the heading at the electronic letter received by me today was such. Having reflected, I have marked it and have opened. In process of reading my eyes swung open more widely and heart started to fight so, that it is a little more and it will jump out of a breast.
" Give we shall meet - whether simple words a lie, but whether the boldness will suffice at you to come? I have sent you instructions as will prepare for a meeting and in what to put on. I liked your letter, and apparently you passionately thirst for meetings, we shall check up it... I am raised I think of your body, except for that in my opinion - playing sports should make your legs harmonous.....
Something about Love Date: Mar 10th @ 12:47am EDT
Good morning, my favorite readers and loyal friends. again I will pamper you with one of my new blog today. in fact, did not even know what to write about today, just decided to try and hoping something happen interesting article. and that's it for the moment I got going theme for this post! Love is probably one of the most obscure and complex feelings! To be honest, for me it's the word means a lot! love is different, the love of parents, love for others, love for animals and a love for Partner of wife and husband or. more and more often I come across on this site with people who scattered the word! they write all: I love you! do not be surprised if these people are alone, it is a punishment for the fact that they are everywhere and all say they love! they do not deserve this feeling, so they are alone. and always when I see these people, treat them with a large grain of salt! I can not take them seriously! I do not know pochumu, but there is a great aversion to these people! I was overwhelmed with feelings of anger and rage and not enough of such words in my vocabulary to explain to these people that we can not squander this holy word! if you do not like, do not need to say it!
angry people Date: Mar 7th @ 12:49am EST
Good morning my dear readers and simply friends and visitors! Today I would like to write this post about ignorance! perhaps each of us at least once in their lives faced with ignorance! maybe it occured in the store on public transport or on the website. in my work every day I meet with ignorance and rudeness! but for me it was something usual, I am very accustomed to what I read a lot of bad words to me every day! Many will say, but you yourself daily rude customers. I agree with this, but I'm never going to do it first! Only if a person deserves such communication! many of you yearn for that! I do not know why, but I noticed some tselenopravleno trying to bring the model to the bad emotions, affecting sacred threads of family and parents! this is not correct, each of us wants to his good attitude, wants to speak with him good and if something is not clear, politely explained. I still hope that in our world there will be some kind of miracle, and we forget what a rude people, I know that this is possible only in fairy tales or films, but still would like to believe that one day a miracle will happen. I wish each of you so that you meet on your path of life is less evil people and so do yourself a world kinder
Smart guys Date: Mar 6th @ 12:23am EST
Hello again my dear friends, fans, and just people who happen to come here! maybe someone does seem interesting and you spend a few minutes to read this short little article! I do it not for that would earn additional bonuses for themselves (although for this as well), but still interesting to me to express their thoughts in writing for all to see! not everyone likes this behavior of people who have something in mind that even in the language). I always think about what I want to talk to people and just try to do it so as not to offend the person or people who listen to me! do believe that a person, especially a man must be able to speak beautifully, and not only beautiful but also competently, but also to understand that what he was saying! Kesten people who heard the beautiful story, remember it! and then very often tell it in different companies, even though not fully understand what they were saying! I was very impressed recently, a young man with whom I struck up a conversation in a bar! he learn in the 11th grade! I talked to him about politics, about education, and much more! and was surprised that there were such a schoolboy who care about their education! He very well said! probably even I can not do that! to 11 m klusse I could not hold a conversation at this level! In general, for which I write this! men, do not forget about their own internal development, read more books, see more developing channels and TV programs, oyuschaytes with people who are smarter than you! and then you see the world through different eyes
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